For Therapists: There is no need to go it alone!

It can be lonely in private practice or being the only one trying to implement new techniques.  Yes, we have access to the Feeling Good Institute with many talented therapists but they do not know our local scene.  Also,  the difference in time zones can be hugely challenging.  Who wants to get up at 4 in the morning to attend a training session or wait for responses?

It can be really frustrating for clients to find anyone who offers this valuable approach locally. As therapists, no one wants their credentials buried in a large overseas website.

That is why I am delighted to start to build a community of TEAM-CBT practitioners here in Australia.

A small annual fee will allow you to advertise on this website. That provides you with ready referrals of clients primed to work with the TEAM model.  They have done the research and found me, Robyn Blake-Mortimer as the only Level 4 Trainer and Therapist in Australia. The demand is growing every day.

My dream is to help other therapists build their skills, not to increase my individual case-load.

People who subscribe will also be given support to build confidence with this approach through 4 lunchtime meetings a year via Zoom for us to connect and discuss cases.  This is a valuable networking opportunity as we strengthen this growing community.

The first lunchtime meeting is booked for Thursday,  August 24th at 12:30 pm. 

Follow the lead of Michelle Wharton and join this convenient listing for TEAM-CBT therapists in Australia.  This opportunity is restricted to therapists who have done some TEAM-CBT training with me.

Michelle Wharton is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist, practising in Australia since 2008. She has broad experience with adults, adolescents and couples both within Australia and the United Kingdom. Michelle is committed to assisting her clients to learn the skills to regulate difficult emotions and then make lasting behavioural changes.  This involves identifying old ‘road blocks’ and visualising new life paths. She uses TEAM-CBT as a framework to organise her work with clients and to monitor her effectiveness.

Michelle is a Level 3 Certified TEAM CBT clinician and the first Australian to have worked with Dr David Burns and Dr Jill Levitt in their workshops.

Importantly, Michelle is the first graduate in Australia to have progressed to Level 3 after undertaking my 13 week Tried and True program and additional exam coaching provided by me.  I am very proud of her success.

She can be contacted at ph: 0430 952 472, fax: 8125 5896
email: website:

Dr Dipti Josh

Do you need a bilingual therapist who understands your culture?

Dr Dipti Josh has unique skills in working with Indians around the globe. She is experienced at supporting clients who wish to be counselled in Hindi or Gujarati language.  Dipti has more than 20 years of experience treating relationship problems, depression, anxiety as well as unwanted habits and addictions.  She uses both TEAM-CBT and EMDR to help her clients achieve maximum fulfilment and to feel good about themselves.

Dipti is a highly respected Level 4 Certified TEAM-CBT Therapist and Trainer who is available for online consultations for international clients from her office in India.

She can be contacted via email:    OR website:

Lorna Bird is a qualified counsellor, community educator and life coach. Currently a Level 2 Certified TEAM-CBT counsellor, Lorna is actively working toward Level 3.

Lorna specialises in working collaboratively with individuals struggling with depression and / or anxiety.

Her clients speak highly of the way Lorna provides a confidential, safe and supportive environment for them. She prioritises understanding their unique values and strengths, as well as their experience and needs.

Lorna loves working collaboratively with her clients to discover which TEAM-CBT methods are the most effective for them. Developing mastery of evidence-based methods, enables her clients to move from where they are presently, to where they would like to be.

Connect with Lorna and see if you are a good fit for her approach.

Book a complimentary discovery session on her website: or email at:

Interested in Joining the TEAM-CBT Network?

Email me directly at  with your details and TEAM qualifications if you wish to be considered for this listing.   Trainees will have more details after the completion of the comprehensive programs.

Caveat:   Although care is taken to verify the credentials and training of those listed on this site, I do not take responsibility for the quality of care provided by independent practitioners.

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