Individual Supervision or Case Consultation

Together, we review a specific case using the TEAM model.   I work collaboratively and empathically with you to clarify the agenda for the session and explore the tools needed to help your client move forward. I offer the chance to role-play those techniques or provide demonstrations.

Every case is different but talking it through helps us see what might have been missed in the agenda-setting phase.  Sometimes this moves into personal work as we explore and challenge some of your negative thoughts which could be contributing to the situation.  This frequently leads to “light bulb moments” and rich experiential learning.   Following the TEAM model keeps us on track and gives a measurement of the effectiveness of the session.

Individual supervision is suitable for therapists who have an understanding of the TEAM model and are beginning to implement it in their own work.  It is especially helpful if you wish to look more deeply at individual cases.

Cost $300 per 50 minutes or $434 for 1.5 hours

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Training Supervision Case Consultation